PopCorn Club: Punk Film & Music Night

19 March 2020

8PM – 11PM
215 Red River Rd – Black Pirates Pub
5$ Admission.
All you can eat Popcorn!
Piss On You (2014) – [Kathryn Martin]
It’s 1979 and Winnipeg was struck by a punk rock subculture of energetic and rebellious youth who created a music that rejected the mainstream, defied authority and cleared the path to do things ‘their way.’ This film chronicles the scene from 1979 to the mid 80’s with interviews and music from the players of the day; Chris Walter, Joe Shithead (D.O.A), Mitch Funk (Personality Crisis), Colin Bryce (The Dub Rifles), Norm Simm (The Unwanted) and Kelly Jackson (The Stretch Marks) among others.
Featuring performances from local punk bands

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PopCorn Club: AKA

Want to eee more local and independent films?
Want to have your voice heard in the annual Media Arts Festival?
Want to consume large amounts of free Popcorn and Coffee?

A.K.A (2016) – [ShebaFilms]
When we hear of identity theft we usually think about someone gaining access to bank accounts or making purchases on someone else’s credit card, but we seldom find a case of someone successfully living another person’s life. A.K.A. is a documentary about the little-known story of Ronald Ivan MacDonald, a serial impostor with only a high school education who stole the identities and obtained work as a psychologist at several universities, clinics and hospitals in Canada. MacDonald managed to stay one step ahead of the authorities until February 1966 when he was revealed to be an impostor at Lakehead University. He had stolen the identity of a leading American academic and for three years managed to trick his colleagues at the university and the local hospital, and an entire community, into believing he was a published author with a PhD in Psychology. A.K.A. uses a combination of archival footage, dramatizations and interviews to explore the world of Ronald Ivan MacDonald, a Canadian response to Ferdinand Demara.

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Learn about all of our upcoming events.
Learn about fun volunteer opportunities.
Interact with local artists and film makers.
Have your voice heard!

PopCorn Club Night: Kick Off!

December 8th, 2019
8$ Recommended Donation at the door.
1PM – 4PM
All you can eat Popcorn, all you can drink Coffee!

Vox Popular Media Arts would like to introduce The Popcorn Club.  Our new format for film selection nights that will be occurring monthly!
As a festival we are nothing without our loyal volunteers and festival goers. Now more than ever, we want you to have a say in what goes on in the festival.
Come to our Popcorn Club screening night and watch a locally/independently produced film and then — after some complimentary popcorn and coffee — help us select the many film submissions that we receive all year round!

To kick off our event we will be screening Rosies of the North (ShebaFilms).

They raised children, baked cakes… and built world-class fighter planes. Sixty years ago, thousands of women from Thunder Bay and the Prairies donned trousers, packed lunch pails and took up rivet guns to participate in the greatest industrial war effort in Canadian history. Like many other factories across the country from 1939 to 1945, the shop floor at Fort William’s Canadian Car and Foundry was transformed from an all-male workforce to one with forty percent female workers.


PopCorn Club

Where The Poppies Grow: WW1 Antique Show

Join us in Remembrance.

  • A docu-drama by Ron Harpelle and Kelly Saxberg about World War 1 and the contributions of the men and women at the Lakehead.
  • Showing 6 vignettes
  • Speakers Ron Harpelle, Marg Saxberg, and George Romick
  • A Display of WW1 Antiques
  • Bring your WW1 memorabilia and get a history lesson!
Cost: $5 recommended donation

Coffee and tea for sale at event.