2021: Local Love Virtual Gallery

2021 Virtual Art Gallery

The Local Love Virtual Art Gallery is Vox Popular’s first Juried Exhibit. The artwork was selected on the theme LOCAL LOVE. Included are a variety of visual art pieces from artists that call Thunder Bay their home. 

  • Carole Lapointe – Hike on Mount Mckay
  • Hali Vogel – The House Across the street
  • Karen Boissonneault-Gauthier – Monumental
  • Maddy Rapley – Untitled
  • Martin King – Dionysus
  • Marv Saxberg – Harbour Walk
  • Mary Jane Livingstone – Pink Moss and Spring Moss
  • Michel Dumont – Fyres of Pride and Kyoto Bear
  • Robyn Saxberg – Untitled Large Acrylic
  • Sébastien Hardy – Celebration
  • Steve Haining – Photography