Vox Popular Media Arts Festival

Vox Popular is a non-profit Media Arts Festival in Thunder Bay, Ontario Canada and is the evolution of the Bay Street Film Festival. We program Canadian and International films, multimedia installations, and media artists of all genres.  An annual film festival is held in September. The festival will include local, Canadian, and international films; a concert series; a virtual gallery; and panel discussions with filmmakers, musicians, and visual artists!


“The venue could not have been cooler, the crowd couldn’t have been more fun, and the hosts couldn’t have been more hospitable. I’m so glad to have connected with the scene in Thunder Bay from its great artists to its filmmakers to its musicians.” 

Matt & Jeff Beals 
– 2022

Samuel Scott


“A wonderful festival with a wonderful team. Artistic films and an interesting venue. We had a blast at the fest, and they were incredibly supportive throughout. We would definitely go back again!”