Concert Series

During the COVID-19 pandemic we presented two multi arts festivals. The first was completely virtual and the second was both online and in person. We are proud to have been able to present the work of over 100 local artists while adapting to the ever changing situation. We saw the struggle of our local music scene and created a 12 part concert series. We created a virtual art gallery to address the closure of galleries, and we presented films by via an accessible streaming platform. We presented both festivals for free to the public since our community was going through severe economic hardship.

Live Stream Concert Series 2021

Jake Vaillant & The Town

The music of Jake Vaillant is heavy laden with unforgiving poetry and unabashed gallows humour, which Vaillant weaves into songs that are honest portraits of local lore and universal tribulations. The Town is really more of a loosely assembled collective of collaborators that have joined Jake over the years in mounting festivals, concerts and mixed media art events. Historically, Jake’s happenings have featured a bill of prominent local acts, whom after performing with their own groups will have members featured in his culminating stage show. 

Wrong odds

Wrong Odds are a punk rock duo consisting of Adrien Idiot and Dale Carmichael. A tapping foot, a nodding head, or a chaotic mosh pit, the aim is to make you move. The songs are fast, loud and bound to get stuck in your head. Adrien Idiot leads the group on guitar and vocals while Dale Carmichael holds the beat and groove on bass and drums.

Morning Light

Morning Light’s original music brings a compelling mix of melancholy and intensity. Listeners will find themselves torn between reveling in the beauty of the music itself and succumbing emotionally to the often tragic tone of the lyrics. During performances, the band members’ interactions with one another will offer a glimpse into the companionship that defines them.

Danny Johnson & Band

Danny Johnson is a well-respected singer/songwriter who has performed at many venues and festivals around the world and has opened for and toured with many acclaimed acts, including Bob Dylan, The Tragically Hip, Colin James, Michelle Wright, David Wilcox, Fred Eaglesmith, George Jones, Valdy and Johnny Cash.  He is presently working on an album with Vishwa Mohan Bhatt, one of the finest slide players in the world, who was awarded a Grammy for his album with Ry Cooder, A Meeting By The River. 

Action Cat

Formed in 2017, Action Cat are comprised of Scott Edwards (drums), Jared Schaaf (guitar), and Matt Tyska (bass and vocals). Their energetic and angsty, riff-laden guitar and warm fuzzy bass, are held together with heavy, hard-hitting backbeats. A ferocious power trio based out of Thunder Bay, ON. They feature a dynamic blend of alternative hard rock with punk influences, as well as elements of the blues. In 2019, they released their first EP entitled, “Stranger Danger”.  
Bandcamp –

Rodney Brown

A son of Thunder Bay, Rodney has built a career singing roots, rock, reggae and kids songs exploring sounds and recording albums that reflect each phase. With a career spanning 40 years he has 11 albums and tours across Canada, Minnesota and the UK. He is a distinctive artist with a unique talent for bringing Canadian history, especially the stories of the north, to life. Rodney has donned many musical personas but these days he writes mostly about his home on the North Shore of Lake Superior. His songs paint evocative pictures combined with excellent musicianship and the skills of a veteran performer Rodney has earned a dedicated and growing fan base.

Danielle Polari

Danielle Pollari & Band

Band members: Taylor Perrault, Alex Cummings, Josh Therriualt, Jacob Goodman


Live Stream Concert Series 2020

Visual Past

Formed in Thunder Bay and have been chilling for a while. Making bangers and ballads. Visual Past is Andrew Pettenuzzo, Jacob Goodman, Marlon Legarde  and Trevor Honke. Their Single ‘Lucid’ was recorded in 2019 with Jean Paul De-Roover.

Burial Etiquette

Burial Etiquette is: Jaccob, Ryan & Taylor

Danielle Polari

This wild hearted, singer/songwriter is capturing listeners and their hearts. Danielle Pollari, is using her music to be a healing voice in this world. With her heart wide open, Danielle aims to create a safe little universe to live in. A place where people can be just as they are and be fully embraced by their own magic. You can listen to Danielle’s 9music on Spotify, iTunes and all other online music platforms.


‘Shatterhorn’ began rehearsing in the spring of 2019 at home base, ‘Shatterton Dabby’. The chemistry was instant, and their first batch of songs seemed to pour out with ease. After two months, they were gig ready, and thrived quickly amongst the highly enthusiastic crowds of the Thunder Bay scene, while also opening for touring acts like ‘Dopethrone’ and ‘Anvil’.

Jean-Paul De Roover & The Bandaid Solution

De Roover’s early career was defined by his innovative approach to music using live looping, where he used his voice and a wide range of musical instruments to construct his songs piece by piece in front of an audience. But his constantly evolving palate has seen him exploring his earnest acoustic singer-songwriter side on “Love” (2019) as well as his passion for emotionally and aurally heavy alternative and progressive rock on “Loss” (2020), the two of which are sister albums.