2023: Elucidate Juried Exhibition


Kathryn Shields
Mark Nisenholt
Tracy Pollard
Sue Lewis
Patrick Doyle
Christopher Stones
Brenda Hurley
Derek Khani
Boy Roland
Abbi Buckley
Katie Lemieux
Kyla Pun
Nathan Cross
Mariano Sequeira
Sarah Link
Mavourneen Trainor
David Winters
Leslie Shaw
Emma Visser-DiCarlo
Martin King
Sirpa Bishop
Alyson Chasse
Janet Anderson
Kim Sutherland
Indigo Smith

Dave Mancuso
Kristina Malek
Taylor Anderson
Damen Chase Scott
Nicholas Bava
Julie Cosgrove
Carol Cooper
Erin Szturm
Alyssa Kusik
Anne Winkworth
Murielle Horsman
Theresa Czank Russell
Vanessa Magee
Janet Anderson
Kim Sutherland
Aaron Caldwell
N. Moskwa
Ryan Bociurko
Shan Hogan
Nicole Sutherland
Sebastian Hardy
Vicki Nerino
Luc Despres
Angela Benedict
Michel Dumont

Gayle Buzzi
Tuija Hansen
Colleen Rose
Kevin Niemi
Adele Agostino
Ellen Kruse
Eugene Lefrancois
Charles Campbell
Joerg W Hollmann
Will Monroe
Zahra Vassell
Lori Gilbert
Sam Sashasabi
Kamila Westerbeck
Katy Poirier
Guillaume Heritier
Celine Mundinger
Erika Niva
Sam Shasahabi
Jake Taziar
Lorrina Belluz
Tobias M McCraw
Micheal Raby
Connor McMahon

Artists- Dr. Bob Chaudhuri Collection

Adad Hannah
Davida Kidd
Marc Seguin
Jen Dyck
Dagmara Genda
Scott P Ellis
Goyce Kakegamik
Cybele Young
Margaritta Gabriella Carrara
Doug Murray
Doug Carr

Elucidate: [to make clear from confusion or ambiguity, more comprehensible, illuminate] Elucidate, the theme for our 35th Annual Regional Juried Exhibition, is an open regional call for entry format and is designed with the following objective in mind: that local/regional professional emerging/established artists are given an opportunity

to consider the relevance of the concept of Elucidate in terms of their own experiences,
interpretations and relationships to current contemporary art practice.

Call for submission drop off dates: August 18-21 at Definitely Superior Art Gallery. Artists are invited to submit up to two artworks for their participation. Please join us for a huge and swishy spectacle of a Gala Opening Reception with Art-Music-Performance Refreshments. It all starts Friday September 1@7PM. Gallery 1+2

Call For Submissions
18th Aug 2023 – 21st Aug 2023
45+ Regional Contemporary Multidisciplinary Artists
Gala Opening Reception: Fri. Sept.01 @ 7pm-11pm

Art Drop Off Dates: August 18-21 2023

Definitely Superior Art Gallery + Vox Popular Media Arts Festival have joined forces to co-present 3 new exhibitions, regional | national | International and more…delving into the visually dynamic contemporary world of art.