People’s Choice


Five Bucks at the Door: The story of Crocks N Rolls – Kirsten Kosloski
Disintegrate – Trivelle Simpson
Throat Singing in Kangirsuk – Evan Kaulai, Manon Chamberland
Brave Little Army – Michelle D’Alessandro Hatt
The Manhattan Project – Matthew Campanile
Squeegee – Khalid Ali
Bible Camp Memories – Damien Ferland
Toxic Time Bomb – Ron Harpelle
Living in the Story – Lynn Estomin
All it Gives – Talia Woodland


Nipigon Brook Trout by Daniela Carlino
El Toro by Danielle Sturk
Bakosó: AfroBeats of Cuba by Eli Jacobs-Fantauzzi
Beyond Climate by Ian Mauro
Copenhagen Road by Lee Chambers
The Grizzlies by Miranda de Pencier
Portrait of a Zamboni Driver by Nadine Arpin
Finding Bobbi: A Search For Self by Scot Morison
Operation Happy Day by Steve Payne
Mercy by Tony McGuire


At The Edge – Nathan Hatton
Third Generation – Mohammad Ali Rakshani
Dad Is Pretty – Park Soo-Min & Kim Seung-Hyeob
Turning Tables – Chrisann Hessing
Laka – S. Shakthidharan
Darkslide – Brendan Peterson
War Paint – Jack Belhumeur
Towns End – Megan Murphy
Mishkeegogamang – Jon Wesselink
Scattered – Ellie Harvie
Dying in Vein – Jack Belhumeur & Ben Murray