Concert Series

2021 Livestream Concert Series

Live Stream Concert Series 2020

Visual Past

Formed in Thunder Bay and have been chilling for a while. Making bangers and ballads. Visual Past is Andrew Pettenuzzo, Jacob Goodman, Marlon Legarde  and Trevor Honke. Their Single ‘Lucid’ was recorded in 2019 with Jean Paul De-Roover.

Burial Etiquette

Burial Etiquette is: Jaccob, Ryan & Taylor

Danielle Polari

This wild hearted, singer/songwriter is capturing listeners and their hearts. Danielle Pollari, is using her music to be a healing voice in this world. With her heart wide open, Danielle aims to create a safe little universe to live in. A place where people can be just as they are and be fully embraced by their own magic. You can listen to Danielle’s 9music on Spotify, iTunes and all other online music platforms. With new songs and projects on their way, keep your eyes, your ears, and your hearts open for this wild force of nature.


‘Shatterhorn’ began rehearsing in the spring of 2019 at home base, ‘Shatterton Dabby’. The chemistry was instant, and their first batch of songs seemed to pour out with ease. After two months, they were gig ready, and thrived quickly amongst the highly enthusiastic crowds of the Thunder Bay scene, while also opening for touring acts like ‘Dopethrone’ and ‘Anvil’. In winter of 2020, they recorded their initial material, with the crucial aid and knowledge of Thunder Bay’s widely renowned sound tech/engineer, Shaun Kelly, compiling the songs into a five track EP, available now. New material is currently in progress.

Jean-Paul De Roover & The Bandaid Solution

De Roover’s early career was defined by his innovative approach to music using live looping, where he used his voice and a wide range of musical instruments to construct his songs piece by piece in front of an audience. But his constantly evolving palate has seen him exploring his earnest acoustic singer-songwriter side on “Love” (2019) as well as his passion for emotionally and aurally heavy alternative and progressive rock on “Loss” (2020), the two of which are sister albums. De Roover continues to push his own musical limits both in form and substance, daring others to try and categorize him, retaining a distinct identity whether he is playing solo, with a band or even a 30-piece orchestra.