Film Description: A horse logger and his horse take us deep into a forest in the Ardennes as the seasons go by, living his passion under the gaze of a strange young girl…

The man will teach her his passion of draft horse logging: this is a film about the idea of
passing down, and how some encounters can lead to a life’s calling.

The short film “Traces” shows today’s youth as the main force of the preservation of our forests. It also highlights of the emotional symbiosis between man, the animal and the forest.


Director Biography: Fascinated by the beauty, fragility and mystery of Nature, Sébastien Pins shows an early interest in photography. He relentlessly strives to capture strong and magical moments of connection between Man and Nature. His work has received numerous awards across Europe.

In 2012 he directed a short film entitled “My Forest” in which he managed to capture the emotion and the magic of strong moments between human beings and nature through the eye

s of a three-year-old boy. This movie won many prizes worldwide, one of which awarded by the United Nations in Istanbul during the “Forum on Forests”.


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