Toxic Time Bomb

Toxic Time Bomb

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Film Description: “Toxic Time Bomb” is about the impact of industrial pollution on a community and about activists who have spent 30 years fighting to ensure that industry and government take responsibility for the destruction of the environment in and around their community. Agent Orange, was produced in Elmira, Ontario, a small farming community just outside Waterloo. In late 1989 Elmira was obliged to shut down its water supply because of the discovery of high levels of various chemicals in the aquifer that flows under the town.

Director Biography: Director and Producer, Ron Harpelle has a PhD in History, he has published numerous books and articles and has both produced and directed several award-winning history films such as A.K.A, Banana Split, In Security, and Hard Time. Many of these films are complemented by books and larger academic projects on the same subject, making them ideal for the educational market and ensuring the quality of the research that goes into them.


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