Justin & Kristin Schaack

Quarantined with a Ghost

Justin & Kristin Schaack are a directing duo that have been making films together for over 20 years. They’re a married team that started their creative partnership in the theater…waaaaaay off-broadway. Since their illustrious career on the Hastings Middle School stage, they’ve found success directing commercials, online content, and independent films that have screened at 300+ international film festivals, receiving over 20 audience choice awards and over 70 jury awards.
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Martin King

Always Tomorrow

Brad Sutler spends most of his time working at the café with his uncle Chip Sulter and hanging out with Noelle Meredith. Brad talks to some sailors about enlisting into the MS Bolster. Brad does not know if he wants to leave his family and friends behind for his dream of being a sailor. Noelle surprises Brad at the café about the good news she just got. Brad is happy to see her. Noelle tells Brad she is getting married to Mr. Maurice Denver, the sailboat merchant. The next morning. Brad was late for work. He ran into the happy couple Noelle and Maurice. Brad became jealous and caused a scene.

Jasmine Nichols-Piesik

Incase You Didn't Know

Mike lives a seemingly ordinary life, when he suddenly finds himself at his old therapist’s house with his hands tied in ropes unaware of how he ended up there, he is forced to sit through a gruelling therapy session where a woman criticizes everything about him from his personality to his appearance. As Mike tries to escape he finds the ropes engulf him, making him powerless.

Jasmine Nichols-Piesik is an emerging filmmaker from Toronto, Ontario.She studied film and media production at Queen’s University.She works in the costume department for films and tv, she recently decided to embark on a new creative journey writing, director and producing her own films.Jasmine seeks to tell stories from the female perspective, and is committed to encouraging diversity in the film industry. She seeks to tell compelling narratives, and combine her diverse skill set into making introspective films.
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Ethan Gillis

Ghost Theory: A Modern Dating Conspiracy

After being ghosted once again, a young woman embarks on a quest for proper closure and in doing so unearths a dark secret that threatens to shake the very core of the modern dating world as we know it.
 BETH believes she has found her soulmate on the popular dating app Ember, but when DAVID suddenly ceases all contact, the lack of a definitive breakup launches her into the depths of despair. When her conspiracy theory obsessed roommate SYBIL steps in, she convinces Beth that perhaps not all is as it seems. After making contact with David, they track him to Ember’s head office, where he is being held captive possibly against his will. Together they must thwart the Ember CEO’s sinister plans and rescue David.
 Ethan Gillis is an aspiring filmmaker and recent graduate of the Film and Television Production program at Humber College. Ethan also holds a degree in Popular Culture from Brock University, which means he is always up to date on the latest Kardashian/Jenner drama. Oh and it also provided him with an interdisciplinary approach to understanding the inner workings of contemporary culture. Informed by his background in film studies, advertising and media communication, Ethan strives to make content that takes a light-hearted, often tongue-in-cheek look at some of the most relevant topics shaping our often unusual culture.

Joseph Schlapsi

And Again

 A guy investigates a noise in the night and discovers something disturbing.
A single guy wakes to the sound of his front door closing. His investigation leads him outside, but ends up a wash. That is, until he hears the sound again; someone has left his apartment after him. They ascend the same stairs and look around the same corners until- a cold truth is revealed.
Joseph Schlapsi is a twisted Northern Ontario based filmmaker born in Ottawa, who has been creating amateur supernatural/thriller shorts since grade school. Now a Digital Film Production graduate from Sault College, his first college short AND AGAIN screened at the 2020 Sault Film Festival. He is currently developing a thriller screenplay based on his newest short, OLD FRIEND.

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Curtis Jensen


 “Wreck” is a short film based on a song of the same title by musician Jean-Paul De Roover. Taken from the 2020 album “Loss”, the song is about failing mental health and how we all feel as though we are in various states of disrepair. Director Curtis Jensen and De Roover have been frequent collaborators since 2008, and set to work developing the vision for the short film. Visually it captures the social anxiety that we all feel as we watch the world around us fall apart, illustrated by walls of televisions beaming scenes of environmental and societal collapse into the mind of lead actor Jamie Hiebert as they unravel, interspersed with footage of the band performing the song. Filmed during summer of 2020, production was completed under the adherence of strict COVID guidelines.

Curtis Jensen is a passionate and earnest filmmaker who founded Apple Wagon Films in 2007. He has since written and produced films that have been screened on Bravo Channel, MuchMusic and more, and has won awards at film festivals. Curtis is an active promoter of Thunder Bay and hopes to see it become a viable filming destination.

Ray Jacobs

The Secret Life of Tom Lightfoot

Ray Jacobs is a UK based artist who uses the mediums of image, film and movement to highlight the beauty, power and presence in the stories that surround us and are within us. 
Ray works as a director and facilitator, creating imaginative and powerful works with a wide variety of companies, performers and participatory groups in particular collaborating with disabled artists. 
Tom is anxious, he holds a secret in his human heart, a wing beat and a flutter and its bursting to take flight.
The Secret Life of Tom Lightfoot is a tale of magical realism to be witnessed and shared. It is a tale of healing, revealing how we can learn to live with the secrets of our more than human hearts. Tom Lightfoot works as a calls operator for ‘We have the Answers’. A call centre, which answers anybody’s questions about absolutely anything. Tom, is secretly studying for a PHD in bird migration but this is not Tom’s secret life, his secret is inside of him. This film is part of a series of films ‘Secret Lives’ combining the artistry and experiences of UK learning disability group ‘Arty Party, the film direction of Ray Jacobs and the writings of NYT best selling fantasy author Jeff Vandermeer.