Saturday Sept 9

11:00 am - Doors Open

11:30 am - blooms - feature film

Directed by jordan daniel Vandenberg

Description: During the summer of 1903, while the railway was being built throughout Northern Ontario, the first silver discovery was made in Cobalt. Within a few years, Cobalt turned from a few shacks to a full-fledged boomtown to one of the biggest producers of silver in the entire world! The silver rush in Cobalt continued at this rate until a slow decline in the 1930s. Mining in the Cobalt area continued until the last mine was forced to close its doors in the 1990s, this was due to the price drop of silver and the decline of minerals in the area.

Bio: Jordan Vandenberg is a filmmaker and animator born and raised in Haileybury, Ontario. He is passionate about documentary filmmaking and loves creating 2D animations to complement his projects. Jordan has directed two films, The Tri Town Ski & Snowboard Village – Short Documentary (Official Selection – X Games Aspen Shorts Block 2019) and Happily Off Track – Short Film (Best Student Film – CTV Best in Shorts 2018). Jordan also created animations for the Documentary Five Bucks at the Door: The Story of Crocks N Rolls By Kirsten Kosloski. He recently completed his first feature-length documentary, Cobalt Blooms, which is set to be released during the 2023 festival season. Jordan is a graduate of the TV/Broadcasting and Video Production program and Post Production from Canadore College. Jordan lives in Orillia, Ontario.

12:30 pm - Artist Perspective session

Scored by time
Directed by Nicola Hawkins

Logline: Scored by Time is about a displaced older woman who struggles to maintain her mental acuity amidst the cruelty of the social order in 19th century Europe. Succumbing to a violent attack and near death we realize she is not only a victim of persecution but has carried an additional burden: the life long grief of losing a young child.

Bio: Nicola Hawkins began her professional career as a stage director and choreographer when she moved to Boston, USA, from her native England and founded the Nicola Hawkins Dance Company (1993-2005). The award winning critically acclaimed company was known for its visually striking productions, drawing large audiences in Boston, New England and New York City.  The Boston Herald noted: “There isn’t anything that Nicola Hawkins does demurely…the work is the evidence of Hawkins’ staggering ability to generate fresh and atypical dances…all of them accompanied by live musicians”. The Boston Globe noted: “Over the years, she has amassed an impressive repertoire of works that are musically sophisticated and theatrically alluring.”


From Ocean to Well
Directed by Brendan Petersen

A short experimental film that explores the dichotomy between nature, memory, and humanity


Cliff: A portrait of an artist
Directed by adam brooks

Logline: Cliff is a documentary-portrait of one of Winnipeg’s most successful visual artists – Cliff Eyland who, with only months to live, received a double-lung transplant five years ago and a new lease on life. He calls the year since his surgery an afterlife, even though he is precious about nothing. In fact his Zenfulness often borders on the lackadaisical.

Bio: Adam Brooks is an artist and filmmaker from Winnipeg, Manitoba. He is part of the film collective Astron-6 and his work has played The Sundance Film Festival and The Toronto International Film Festival among others.

1:30 pm - humans in common session

Listed Directed by leila almawy

Listed is a 13-minute documentary film that shares the story of Faizal Karim, a Canadian man falsely flagged on the Canadian No Fly List, a terrorist watch list under the Passenger Protect Program. Through Faizal’s personal account of racial profiling and detainment due to being falsely flagged, the film exposes the systemic issues underlying the No Fly List and its impact on marginalized communities. By examining the potential and historical consequences of relying on a flawed listing regime like the No Fly List to identify potential threats to national security, the film highlights the dangerous erosion of rights Canadians face at the expense of their civil liberties and freedoms.

Middle Eastern Fathers Directed by Reza Daghagh

Description: A father intends to take his infant child away from his war-stricken country. He attempts by hiding in a container to flee and cross the border but with the addition of other refugees, it becomes hard for him to pursue his goal, to the point that unexpected events happen to him and the other refugees.

Bio: Born On 1988 in Mashhad, Iran. He is Living in Tehran since 2016.

He graduated in Cinema-film editing from the University of Applied Science and Technology on 2012.
He started his career as an editor in 2006 and edited many shorts, Feature films, and documentaries such as “Elephant Bird”, “The dolls Game”, ” Requinto” etc.
He has also directed several music videos and TV commercials.
on 2016, He directed his first short film “Death time”.
“Middle Eastern Stories: Father” is his second short film as a director, producer, and writer and was completed in January 2022.

Crosses in the dust Directed by Christine kane

Description: At the Arizona-Mexico border, the Sonoran Desert has been weaponized as part of the “Prevention Through Deterrence” policy, which has cost the lives of thousands of migrants since its inception in the mid-1990s. CROSSES IN THE DUST follows a law professor and her students as they assist organizations fighting the ongoing immigration crisis along the border while honoring those who have perished on their journey into America.

Bio:Award-winning producer/director/editor Christine Kane has spent the last decade working in the professional film and video industry with a focus on post-production and motion graphic design. As a Media Producer for the University of Central Florida’s Center for Distributed Learning, she creates custom-designed video solutions for the university’s online curricula. Her web docuseries A Break for Impact, which follows the humanitarian crisis along the Texas-Mexico border, won her a 2020 regional EMMY® Award. Since then she has received four more nominations, including for her new follow-up series, Crosses in the Dust, which was filmed in the Sonoran Desert along the Arizona-Mexico border.

3:00 pm - Indigenous stories session

Wholistic Conversations on Liver Wellness: An Indigenous Perspective Directed by Kate P.R. Dunn

Description: This DocuStory film shares conversations on wellness featuring unique stories from various personal and professional experiences and seasons of life. These eye-opening conversations share the impact the Indigenous community is making on awareness for the importance of liver health rooted in traditional culture and ways of life. These conversations put emphasis on looking forward to teaching future generations the importance of the liver, and how imperative it is to overall health and well-being.

Co-created and produced with First Nations and Metis community members in Alberta.


Kate Dunn is an Anishinaabe woman who works in a collaborative role increasing awareness and access to Hepatitis C treatment and cure for Indigenous communities in Alberta. Bringing a background in nursing, a master’s in public health, and recently as part of this media project, a Doctorate in Social Sciences at Royal Roads University focusing on Indigenous Health. Kate’s director debut in this Wisdom Seeking research project spends time with Indigenous Knowledge Holders listening to memories, stories, and perspectives on traditional health and liver wellness in co-creating a visual story relevant for all ages.

The Klabona Keepers Directed by Tamo Campos, Jasper Snow-Rosen, Rhoda Quock

Description: The Klabona Keepers is an intimate portrait of the dynamic Indigenous community that succeeded in protecting the remote Sacred Headwaters, known as the Klabona. Spanning 15 years of matriarch-led resistance, the film follows a small group of determined elders as they heal from the wounds of colonization to push back against law enforcement, the government, and some of the largest multinational companies in the world.

Bio: Tamo Campos is an Asian-Latino filmmaker, impact producer, community organizer and extreme sports athlete. His passion for environmental justice stems from personal roots to climate impacted communities in South America. His films include The Klabona Keepers (2022), Ru-Tsu(2020), The Radicals (2018), A Last Stand For Lelu (2016), Northern Grease (2013) & over fifty shorts. Tamo embeds himself in the community wherever he goes, and is dedicated to combining social impact with his adventures in sport, activism, and filmmaking. 

My name is Rhoda Quock. I’m from the Wolf Clan. My parents are Jenny Quock and Robert Quock. I live in Iskut, in Tahltan Territory. I was born on April 29, 1971 in Terrace, B.C. and was raised in Iskut. I’m the youngest of six siblings. We were taught to go out on the land to camp every summer. My husband is Peter Jakesta. We have four kids and two grandsons. I’m a spokesperson and organizer for the Klabona Keepers. I am also the producer of The Klabona Keepers Film (2022).

5:00 pm - Mind & spirit session

Front Line Directed by gino canella

Description: Front Line (2021) documents the historic nursing strike at St. Vincent Hospital in Worcester, Massachusetts. More than 700 St. Vincent nurses were on strike for 301 days in 2021, due to concerns about safe staffing ratios. Nurses argued that high patient-to-nurse ratios made it difficult for them to provide adequate care for their patients.

According to the Massachusetts Nurses Association, the union representing the nurses, negotiations with Tenet Healthcare—the investor-owned healthcare corporation that owns the hospital—failed to address staffing and compelled the nurses to strike.

This film places viewers on the picket line in Worcester and examines this historic labor action from the perspectives of nurses.

Bio:Gino Canella is a documentary filmmaker and assistant professor of journalism and media studies at Emerson College. His research and creative work explore media activism, journalism, and labor. He studies how grassroots organizers use media to foster solidarity and reframe race and social justice.

inner sounds Directed by Benjamin Shimwa

Description: This project meant so much to me; it is my opportunity to tell untold stories. The stories that society seems to not acknowledge and deny. Inner Sounds is a short film about a man who lost his will to live because he lost the one thing he loves. This is reality for most people, mainly men. Most men are left to isolate and deal with their problem because being vulnerable has been seen as a sign of weakness. This is a huge problem in our society, inner voice is a step to help change this narrative. Every person that will see this movie will feel as if their story is being told.

Bio: Benjamin Shimwa is a Malawian-Canadian poet, director, and editor. Benjamin has been writing narrative poems since the age of 13 and his love transitioned into writing stories and making videos that would bring his poetry to life. Seeing how much joy he got from making videos, Benjamin began creating fashion videos for models, promotional videos for his high school, and concept dance videos. They couldn’t see him, the director and youngest on set but his ancestors dreamed of him. Inner voice will mark his directorial debut. As a young and upcoming director Benjamin hopes to continue telling untold stories.

Pufferfish Directed by Mohammad Kamal Alavi


Ava is an Iranian, 9 years old girl. There is a religious rite in the school and the teachers sing hymns for the children. A song that is an instruction to “be a good girl”.

After school, Ava goes to the birthday party of her cousin who is her best friend, Pouya, but with the presence of uninvited guests, the birthday takes a different form for Ava…
These guests influence Ava’s decisions and choices at the moments. In the end, an unexpected event puts Ava in a big dilemma..


Body 319 Directed by Noel Pendawa



“Body #319” is a 5-minute short film that follows the story of two characters, Charlie and Layman, as they come across an abandoned couch in the middle of the city. They begin to open up to each other about their deepest fears and insecurities. Charlie expresses her self-doubt about her ability to create something meaningful and her fear of not leaving a lasting legacy. Layman, on the other hand, has encountered a similar conundrum and has come to accept it as a fact of life.

Bio:Noel Pendawa is an artist and filmmaker based in Tkaronto. Originally from Jakarta (Indonesia), he spent his formative years involved with an underground film collective called The Anarcho Brothers, focused on documenting and celebrating the local metal music scene. He then moved on to work as a digital archiver for IndoArtNow, a non-profit foundation to document art exhibitions made by contemporary Indonesian artists, where he scours exhibitions both local and international that have anything to do with the contemporary Indonesian art scene. After a few years, he delved into a more managerial role where he managed gallery to fair relations as the Exhibitor Manager of the art fair Art Jakarta. Now Noel is focused on creating experimental short films while researching the collective practice in Canada

Each Brain Directed by Lizz Hodgson


Each Brain is a 21-minute alternative documentary featuring an interabled and collaborative approach to filmmaking with subjects, Hana Kujawa and Melanie Taddeo-Nxumalo, both experienced profound acquired disability in early adulthood. The film’s central themes are creative collaboration and reframing the experience of disability. Departing from a classic talking head style documentary, Each Brain explores Hana and Melanie’s experience through original abstract visuals, curated stock footage and archival pieces provided by the collaborators themselves. Woven throughout the film is captured audio of an epileptic seizure, soundscapes, recorded letters and poetry as its soundtrack. The result is an immersive film which further explores the lived experience of two women navigating a diagnosis of epilepsy and the perseverance that guides their journeys.


A Human Picture Directed by Luke Mistruzzi, Simon Brothers

Description:A look at Basic Income from the ground level perspective of participants in a pilot program that was canceled before completion in Ontario, Canada.

Bio: Luke and Simon have been working together creating documentary and animation for over 15 years. We often document stories about the many issues we face within our current society.

6:30 pm - Rodney Browns Band- Performance

Rodney Brown & Band

A son of Thunder Bay, Rodney has built a career singing roots, rock, reggae and kids songs exploring sounds and recording albums that reflect each phase. With a career spanning 40 years he has released 11 albums and tours extensively across Canada the US and the UK.

7:00 pm - community arts session

Wabanaki Modern Directed by Clem Mcintosh

Description: Eastern Canada’s most successful 1960’s Indigenous art collective was nearly forgotten by the Canadian arts establishment, until, half a century later, a major gallery exhibition celebrates its unique visual style and voice.

The Micmac Indian Craftsmen (MIC) studio in 1960’s New Brunswick forever changed the landscape of modern Indigenous art in the Atlantic provinces. Our film is a celebration of the rich history surrounding these unsung artists from Elsipogtog and their era-defining works. Beaverbrook art Gallery co-curators Emma Hassencahl-Perley and John Leroux, and First Nation elders and artists including Percy Sacobie, Tara Francis and Jordan Bennett provide context forming the backbone of Wabanaki Modern.

We explore the art, the key players and how their works impacted the next generation of Indigenous artists, and how their story reflects the challenges of Indigenous life in postwar Canada.

Bio: Born and raised in New Brunswick, Clem McIntosh is an award-winning Director, Producer and DP working in NYC and Toronto for over 15 years, across narrative, documentary and commercials. Clem has worked for such outlets as Time Magazine, Netflix, CBC and NBC Universal. In addition, he continues to direct, produce and write his own work, including producing the comedy feature Ghost Team starring Jon Heder, Justin Long and Amy Sedaris. As an actor, Clem has been performing for over 20 years, appearing in theatre, film and TV, including Boardwalk Empire, The Path, Broad City and Netflix’s Master of None. Clem is also the co-founder of the successful Toronto theatre company, Leroy Street Theater.


Expired Directed by Tammy Jones

Description: Expired is about an immigrant grocer and his mission to enlighten others through his collection of politically provocative paintings.
Robert Skaf, tormented by the world’s problems, has turned his small-town grocery store into an art gallery displaying paintings that reflect his pessimistic views on the state of humanity.

Bio: I grew up in a rural part of Thunder Bay, Northwestern Ontario, Canada. I pursued a career in filmmaking as a means to empower women and tell impactful stories.
I have worked on set in the camera department for over 25 years. Working my way along in the film industry, I am one of Canada’s only female steadicam operators. After years of working on set, I am ready to pursue telling my own stories.

Copy Kat Directed by Gino Delos Reyes

Description: When nonchalant graphic designer Mika discovers her successful creative director, Kat Smith, has won a national art competition by plagiarizing Mika’s own work, she must confront the truth to protect her self-worth, sanity, and career before it’s too late.

Bio: Gino delos Reyes, originally from the Philippines, is a highly experienced TV commercial and film editor with a 15-year career focused on the Southeast Asian region. With a profound understanding of visual storytelling, he brings a unique cultural perspective to his work. Recently, Gino relocated to Thunder Bay, Ontario, Canada to pursue film production studies at Confederation College.

Carousel of time Directed by Adrien Harpelle

Description:“The Carousel of Time” is a historical documentary about the restoration and preservation of a 104- year-old carousel located in Thunder Bay on the shore of Lake Superior. For several generations, children have ridden the wooden carousel horses at Thunder Bay’s Chippewa Park and, although the horses are forever frozen in their stride, their carnival colours dulled, the wood chipped and on some cracked down to the hindquarters, they remain a fixture of summer recreation at the Lakehead. It is a film that celebrates art and artists. Generations of Thunder Bay residents have visited the park and taken a ride on the carousel. As such, the carousel is a time machine for many people today.
“Carousel of Time” is designed to both reveal the history of the carousel and the work of the artisans responsible for its restoration. The film focuses on the techniques used by the original artisans to make the animals and build the structure. It is both a celebration of art and artists, and it is a window on the past to tell the story of this significant piece of Canadian history. Only three models of this particular carousel remain and Thunder Bay’s Chippewa Park is home to one of them.

9:00 pm - Jake & the Town - Performance

Jake & the Town

The music of Jake Vaillant is heavy laden with unforgiving poetry and unabashed gallows humour, which Vaillant weaves into songs that are honest portraits of local lore and universal tribulations. The Town is really more of a loosely assembled collective of collaborators that have joined Jake over the years in mounting festivals, concerts and mixed media art events. Historically, Jake’s happenings have featured a bill of prominent local acts, whom after performing with their own groups will have members featured in his culminating stage show. 

9:30 pm - Horror session

zombie mama
Directed by Ayrat Saetgaraev

“I’m just like a zombie” is the main motive of our social video. We decided to pay attention to such an important topic in a humorous way in order to inform the viewers how difficult sometimes to be a young mother. “Zombie mama” is a story about the importantance of paying attention ang providing a help. Even the most caring person needs care!

Greed & Gore
Directed by Adam Kirkey


Five criminals pick the wrong safe house to lay low after robbing a bank.

Synopsis expanded: After a bank robbery doesn’t go exactly as planned, a crew of five pick a last minute safehouse to lay low with their take and a hostage. But the safehouse isn’t so safe… Greed & Gore, a film by Adam Kirkey, is a mash of horror and thriller, with practical effects that will please all genre fans. It stars Julie Mainville (Butchers, The Good Doctor), Krishan Dutt (The Boys), Matthew Bell (Curse of the Anti-Quenched), Monica Zelak (Curse of the Anti-Quenched, Chronicles of Blood, The Enigma), and breakout stars Curt Derosier and Nick Dewolfe.

Bio: Adam Kirkey is an independent filmmaker and photographer from Ottawa, Ontario. He runs a successful production company specializing in corporate projects, music videos, and high-end real estate content. His recent film projects include The Trunk (a short film directed by Travis Laidlaw), where Adam was a producer and the cinematographer. The Trunk screened at Toronto After Dark and has won numerous awards at other festivals. Getting Away is another recent short film project. Written, directed, and produced by Adam, this film was included in a number of festivals and was recently featured in a Bloody Disgusting blu ray compilation. Outside of filming, Adam is passionate about trying different pizza joints and hot sauces. Greed and Gore is his latest project.

Yesterday's Rose- Feature film

Yesterday's Rose
Directed by Martin King

Description:Yesterday’s Rose is a twisted love letter to surreal film noir set unabashedly in crime ridden modern day Thunder Bay, Ontario inhabited by gumshoe PI’s, crooked cop’s, flimflam ballads, beautiful starlets and playwrights working at a shady theater with a cast that is being whittled down by host of masked murderers.

Bio: Martin King is a film Director and artist. A Broadcasting and Film graduate of Confederation College. He directed his first film “Wake Up” in 2017. Following the popular short film “God’s Park” in 2018. An active animator and visual artist, Martin also acted in community theater in the plays “Death of a Salesman” 2016 and “Mamma Mia” in 2019.