Friday Sept 8

6:00 pm - Doors Open

7:00 pm - identity Session

Directed by Quan Loung & Erin Hembrador

Description: A group of Vietnamese nationals is making their way to an unknown location in a shipping container to find a better life. Mai, a 16-year-old girl, connects with different passengers on the journey to find out why they are risking everything. As they get closer to the promised land, they are met with hunger and desperation that would push them to the limit of human existence.

Director Bio: 

Hembrador and Luong have only been working together since 2019 on Erin’s previous film Mansanas, where Quan worked as a DOP and Colourist, but immediately realized they were a good working team and decided to further pursue projects together as producing and directing partners on their current film “Container” .

The Sniper
Directed by Ron Harpelle

Description: When World War One broke out in 1914, the 90 th  Winnipeg Rifles were one of the first regiments asked to form a battalion for the Canadian Expeditionary Force. They were nicknamed The Little Black Devils during the 1885 North-West Rebellion by the defeated Métis, and they brought Louis Riel to Regina where he was tried and hanged for treason. So, when the troop train stopped in Fort William to pick up recruits from Northwestern Ontario, everyone was surprised to learn that one of Louis Riel’s relatives had joined the Little Black Devils. Patrick (Paddy) Riel became one of Canada’s top snipers. His story, like too many of the 60,000 other Canadians who died in the conflict, was lost in time. His descendants knew he had died a hero, but they knew little else about him. The Sniper tells the story of Patrick Riel and the family he left behind.

Director Bio: Ron Harpelle is an award-winning producer and director and he teaches History at Lakehead University. Together with Kelly Saxberg, he has worked in a variety of capacities on dozens of films and videos. He has a special interest in historical documentaries and in making Social Science research come alive in the form of films, videos. and as new media. This is one of the reasons why ShebaFilms specializes in projects that focus on history and why his films contain an educational component.


Ma nishma Manitoba
Directed by Sara Bulloch, Johanana Reimerhenteleff

Description: From challah to immigration to the wandering jew trope, Ma Nishma Manitoba is a mid-length documentary that explores Manitoban Jewish stories of identity and history. 

Bio: Johanna Reimer-Henteleff is an artist, filmmaker, and Winnipeg local. She studied at OCADU, and her most recent film premiered at Gimli Film Fest. Johanna’s work explores perspective, nostalgia, and resilience. Film is Johanna’s main medium of expression, but she also finds joy in creating installations, animations, and music.

Sara Bulloch is a filmmaker from Winnipeg, Canada. Many of her films explore themes of mental health, social media, and relationships. As an intersectional feminist, she believes women have valuable perspectives to bring to the screen.

8:30 pm - Satan wants you -feature film

Satan Wants You
Directed by Sean Horlor, Steve j. Adams

Description: Satan Wants You is the untold story of how the Satanic Panic of the 1980s was ignited by Michelle Remembers, a best selling book written by Catholic psychiatrist Lawrence Pazder and his patient Michelle Smith in the sleepy Canadian town of Victoria, BC. The book, a lurid memoir, details Michelle’s abduction as a child by a Satanic cult, revealing an underground network of baby-stealing satanists vying for America’s soul. As cult rumors spread and the infamous panic kicks off, the book is used as evidence for hundreds of charges of “Satanic Ritual Abuse”, leaving a wave of destruction, wrongful convictions, and pop culture hysteria in its wake.

A team of debunkers including the High Priestess of the Church of Satan, a Wiccan police detective, an FBI ‘Mind Hunter’, and the devastated families of both Michelle and Lawrence are committed to justice, righting the wrongs and healing the wounds inflicted by the book. But is it too late? This feature documentary digs deep into the roots of moral panics, conspiracies, and the making of contemporary legends, showing how these events still affect our reality to this day.

Bio: Sean Horlor and Steve J. Adams are the directors, writers, and executive producers of Satan Wants You, a thrilling account of the extraordinary story that ignited the Satanic Panic of the 1980s. They are directors and writers of Someone Like Me, a critically-acclaimed National Film Board of Canada documentary that won top honors at international film festivals, including the Audience Choice Award at Hot Docs 2021.

Horlor and Adams are also the directors and producers of Dear Reader, a ten-part documentary series about books and authors. They are also the directors and producers of numerous award-winning short films, including The Day Don Died (Palm Springs
Shortfest 2019). Sean and Steve have directed and produced over 20 projects together for CBC, Bell Media, Telus, Knowledge Network, OUTtv, and the National Film Board of Canada. Their path to feature filmmaking began after an appearance on OUTtv’s Hot
Pink Shorts reality series in 2012. They are proud members of the LGBTQ+ community.