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2019 People’s Choice Awards

2019 People's Choice Award Winners

View the winners of our 2019 People’s Choice Awards!
Each year we choose the top 10 films selected by the people to receive this award.
This year the winners are:

  • Nipigon Brook Trout by Daniela Carlino
  • El Toro by Danielle Sturk
  • Bakosó: AfroBeats of Cuba by Eli Jacobs-Fantauzzi
  • Beyond Climate by Ian Mauro
  • Copenhagen Road by Lee Chambers
  • The Grizzlies by Miranda de Pencier
  • Portrait of a Zamboni Driver by Nadine Arpin
  • Finding Bobbi: A Search For Self by Scot Morison
  • Operation Happy Day by Steve Payne
  • Mercy by Tony McGuire

Vox Popular 2019

15th annual Vox Popular Media Arts Festival, September 12-15, 2019

September 12th – 15th @ Trinity Hall – 310 Park Avenue

Featuring: 66 films, masterclass workshops, live performances, 360 VR, media arts installations, and more!

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