A Series on Surviving

A Series on Surviving

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Film Description: A Series on Surviving follows the inner monologue of two survivors in their journey after experiencing sexual violence. Exploring the words they cannot say outloud and the feelings they battle with. 

Director Biography:  Elizabeth Broghanne Jessamine is the Artistic Director and Owner of Elemental Women Productions LLC and a survivor.  Originally  from Scotland Broghanne has worked in Theatre (#metoo plays, The Left and Right Plays), Voice over  (Panda and Krash) and Film since emigrating to the United States of America. Prior to moving to New York,  Broghanne participated in  numerous  performing arts cultural festivals  throughout Scotland and in Germany to  bring  theatre and performance  that explores social issues to a wider audience.

Website: https://elementalwomenproductions.com/a-series-on-surviving
Facebook: @BroghanneJessamineActor
Instagram: @elementalwomenproductions

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