Festival Masterclasses 2019

Instructors: Benjamin Murray + Guests

Description: Learn how the Earthling Collective’s programming provides youth an outlet to express themselves and tell their stories through media, music, and film.

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Instructors: Riaz Mehmood, Andrew Doran, Dennis Dubinsky, Drew Degruyter

Description: A taste of what to experience in our upcoming Northern Arts workshops happening September 20th to 22nd. Featuring Arduino, Projection Mapping, Acting for the Camera, and Analog Video Glitching.

The Northern Arts Workshops are proudly supported by the Ontario Arts Council (OAC).

Instructors: Taqqut Productions

Description: Meet Taqqut Production animators, an Inuit-owned, award-winning animation company located in the Eastern Arctic of Canada. They specialize in authentically representing the storytelling traditions of the Arctic.

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Instructors: Jocelyn Forgues, Alex Forgues, Kelly Saxberg, Ron Harpelle

Description: Meet 4 Franco-Ontarian filmmakers who discuss new opportunities for French language production in Canada. Jocelyn Forgues directed Canada’s first Franco-Ontarian feature film “Noël en boîte / Christmas in a Box” which is screening on Saturday September 14th @ 6:30pm.

Festival Masterclasses 2018

Chrisann Hessing and Josh “Classic Roots” DePerry present Turning Tables. This Masterclass video talks about the making of the film Turning Tables and how Joshua DePerry creates his music.

In this Masterclass, Riaz Mehmood goes over the basics of sound “ChucK’ing” and also shows brief documentation of a former project he worked on.

Stephan Carl and Daniel von Rüdiger, two very talented German musicians from the musical group 0101 speak about Visual and Auditory Rhythm. They also demonstrate how they loop sound when making and performing music.

Drew Degruyter (aka. Glitched Memories) explains how he uses analog vintage equipment to edit and create glitch video art in real time. He uses existing media along with media loopers to create a one-of-a-kind look.

Festival Masterclasses 2018