Vox Popular Workshops

Learn about our upcoming Northern Arts workshops happening just after our 2019 festival! Space is limited and entrance fees are $100. Reserve your place now by contacting us!

If you are interested in learning more about the workshops, you can check out the FREE teaser happening Saturday morning at our festival – details in the masterclass workshops below.

Festival Masterclasses 2019

Earthling Collective - Friday @ 4pm

Instructors: Benjamin Murray + Guests

Description: Learn how the Earthling Collective’s programming provides youth an outlet to express themselves and tell their stories through media, music, and film.


Northern Arts Teaser - Friday @ 5pm

Instructors: Riaz Mehmood, Andrew Doran, Dennis Dubinsky

Description: A taste of what to experience in our upcoming Northern Arts Workshops happening September 19th to 21st. Featuring Arduino, Projection Mapping, and Acting for the Camera.

The Northern Arts Workshops are proudly supported by the Ontario Arts Council (OAC).

Animation Workshop - Saturday @ 10am

Instructor: Danielle Sturk

Description: Find out how and why award-winning filmmaker Danielle Sturk “basically blow(s) up documentary conventions in ways both whimsically weird and seriously avant-garde”(Alison Gillmore, Winnipeg Free Press) with mixed-media forms (animation, live-action, illustration, miniature models, etc) used in El Toro and her other films.

Francophone Filmmaking - Saturday @ 11am

Instructors: Jocelyn Forgues, Kelly Saxberg, Ron Harpelle

Description: Meet 3 Franco-Ontarian filmmakers who discuss new opportunities for French language production in Canada. Jocelyn Forgues directed Canada’s first Franco-Ontarian feature film “Noël en boîte / Christmas in a Box” which is screening on Saturday September 14th @ 6:30pm.