Rebel 101

September 14, 2022 7:00pm – 9:00pm
at the Definitely Superior Art Gallery – 115 Cumberland St. North Thunder Bay. 

The workshop will feature a speaker portion about how to community organize- learn how to create and lead a protest and everything that goes along with it! Craft your own mini-zine in the second half of the workshop with zine creators Lak Williams and Sarah DiBiagio (zine kit provided for each attendee). The goal of the workshop is to empower the community to speak up and speak out through art.

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Past Workshops:

We have sparked countless discussions in our Q&As, offered 46 Master Classes and dozens of hands-on workshops for media creators. We have trained over 450 volunteers and sustained a balanced budget with no debt for 17 years.

We strive to connect artists and youth in a meaningful way to film, multidisciplinary art, education and community in a larger context. 

Northern Ontario youth live in a culturally diverse area where electronic means of storytelling and non-traditional interactive ways of knowledge sharing are becoming an important tool for young people to express themselves and to connect with people.