Identity: Part 1 (10 September 2020)

Throat Singing in Kangirsuk – Eva Kaukai, Manon Chamberland

The Weapon You Choose – Chris Newberry

Nadia’s Songs – Nick White

Five Bucks at the Door: The Story of Crocks N Rolls – Kirsten Kosloski

All It Gives – Talia Woodland

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Awareness: Part 1 (11 September 2020)

The Long Road Home – Steve Haining

The Mill – David Craig

Valley of the Southern North – Byron M. Dueck

Mni Wiconi: Mitakuyelo (Water is Life: Protect It, Defend it) – Natasha Naveau

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Dramatis Personae: Part 1 (12 September 2020)

Fairy Tail – Justin & Kristin Schaack

Disintegrate – Trivelle Simpson

Brave Little ArmyMichelle D’Alessandro Hatt

The Window’s Muse – Mamadou Diop

Cuban Heel ShoesJulio Mas Alcaraz

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Experimental (13 September 2020)

Scopophobia – Lasha Mowchun

Caribou in the Archive – Jennifer Dysart

Flora – Javier Kühn

Whiteface – Everett Sokol

Traces – Pins Sébastien

GLITCH – Ryan La Via

The Wonders Matches Can DoJimmie Chiverelli

The Other Rooster – Brenden Peterson

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Identity: Part 2 (15 September 2020)

Puktew Muin (Fire Bear) – Daniel Fortin

Pioneer Pizza – Wesley Shrum

A Series on Surviving – Elizabeth Broghanne Jessamine

Deep Bay – Sara Bulloch

Bible Camp Memories – Damien Ferland

Metis Femme Bodies – Chanelle Lajoie

How Did We Get Here? – Liam Leblanc

Life in Synchro – Angela Pinaglia

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Awareness: Part 2 (14 September 2020)

Squeegee – Khalid Ali

Unmanageable – Cara Fabre, Lokchi Lam

Land of My Father – Matthew J Koshmrl

Healing The Nation – Jack Major, Ernest W. Matton

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Dramatis Personae: Part 2 (16 September 2020)

Changing roomAtefeh Rahmani

Dream DateMandie Kingsbury

1060 PerthJimmie Chiverelli, Zack Trunzo

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Awareness: Part 3 (17 September 2020)

You Bet I Dance! – Lars Pape

Choosing to be a Good Friend – Denise Schamens

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