Popcorn Club Event Positions:

19 January 2020 / 10AM / 310 Park Ave - Trinity Hall

Our next PopCorn Club event will feature the film “Northern Lights (A Documentary Film)” by Dee McCullay.  There are a 4 openings for volunteer position that we need filled (listed below) however we are also having a volunteer wide meeting on the morning of the PopCorn club. 

We would like a opportunity to talk to you directly about how the event works and get your feedback.  We will show you our new office arrangement and how we engineer the event as well as show you the new popcorn maker and how it works!  This also gives us a chance to update of Volunteer contact sheet, so please, if you are interested in continuing to Volunteer with VoxPop, going into the future, fill out this RSVP and come to the meeting!


(2 openings)

You will be stationed at the table by the entrance managing the cash box and ensuring that guests have everything the need for the event, you will also be overseeing the merch table.


– Accepting donations from and providing change (should they require it) for guests
– handing out event package (ie: judging, registration, pencil, sticker)
– Handling merchandise sales
– Answering any immediate questions that guests may have
– Assisting in set up and tear down of event
– Assisting with set up and teardown


(2 openings)

Your main focus will be to ensure that coffee and popcorn remain stocked and rotated as well assisting in kitchen cleanup.


– Making coffee and popcorn
– Restocking coffee and popcorn as it runs low.
– Answering any questions that guests might have (i.e. pointing out washroom)
– Assisting with kitchen clean up

If you are interested in either position please fill out the RSVP and indicate which position interests you in the comment section!
PopCorn Club Volunteer Opportunity
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