PopCorn Club

What is the Popcorn Club?

Want to see more local and independent films?
Want to have your voice heard in the annual Media Arts Festival?
Want to consume large amounts of free Popcorn and Coffee?


Vox Popular Media Arts would like to introduce The Popcorn Club.
Our new format for film selection nights, that will be occurring monthly!

We recognize that as a festival we are nothing without our loyal volunteers and festival goers.   So now, more than ever, we want you to have a say in what goes on in the festival.
Come to our Popcorn club screening night and see a locally / independently produced film and then — after some complimentary popcorn and coffee — help us watch, judge, and select the many film submissions that we receive all year round!

Vox Popular Needs Your Help.

Want to have a say in the what movies get shown at the festival?

Want an exclusive chance to see films that might not make it to the festival?

Have an idea for an event that Vox Popular could throw in the future?

Have an idea for how Vox Popular, as a whole, could improve?

Be a part of the Popcorn Club!

Learn about all of our upcoming events.
Learn about fun volunteer opportunities.

Have your voice heard!