Local Love Virtual Art Showcase!


  • Carole Lapointe
  • Mary Jane MacDonald
  • Hali Vogel
  • Michel Dumont
  • Robyn Saxberg
  • Steve Haining
  • Martin King
  • Maddy Rapley
  • Karen Boissonneault-Gauthier
  • Marv Saxberg
  • Sebastien Hardy

  • CAHEP ‘My Thunder Bay’ Photography Project with Syrian refugees and International Students

Oil on canvas 
Acrylic on canvas 
Acrylic on canvas & mosaic tile sculpture 
Acrylic on canvas 
Underwater digital photography 
Acrylic, pen, & watercolor on canvas
Acrylic on canvas 
Digital collage 
Oil on canvas 
Acrylic on canvas

Carole Lapointe

Making art using and exploring different medias is my preferred retirement activity! While practicing my profession in the health sector, I did art by night and weekends. A certificate in creative arts from Algonquin college (Ottawa) kind of gave me permission to call myself an artist. Thunder Bay has been my home for the past 11 years. Nature, people, animals abstract designs are all a source of inspiration. I am particularly interested in encaustic painting. But I do not shy away from, oil, acrylic, pastel, pen and ink and mixed media. Every time I stroll through the many park areas in and around the city with my dogs, I deepen my appreciation of living in Thunder Bay! French is my first language. Marrying an anglophone man has helped to master the English language. The first work I submit is titled “Hike on Mount Mackay” 16×20 in pastel on canton mi-teinte paper, completed in 2021


Mary Jane MacDonald

The artworks in this series were created during the first lockdown of the pandemic. Taking the opportunity to spend more time exploring in the outdoors I found myself taking a closer look at my surrounding natural environment. Creating these pieces forced me to pay more attention to my surroundings when walking through the woods; to look closely and find the small details on the forest floor or along the rocky shores of Lake Superior. These pieces are inspired by the minuscule details of the local environment and could blend in to a moss-covered log or exposed rock with a mineral vein running through. They are meant to inspire a closer look and thoughtfulness toward our natural environment, the beautiful details that make up the larger landscape and appreciation for the land we are on.

Hali-anne Vogel

Hali Vogel was born in Dryden, Ontario in 1997. She has always had great interest in art, and recently has taken particularly to painting. She is currently living in Thunder Bay attending Lakehead University’s Visual Arts program, and has been given three awards thus far for her paintings entered in the Lakehead University Juried Exhibitions. She’s also started a small jewelry making business called Hali’s Creations where she can share her work in a more accessible way. Her biggest hope for her art is just to be able to share it with others.

“I love painting sunsets, and after seeing this view it my kitchen window I just knew that I had to try and capture it myself. Coming from living in the country my whole life, moving to a crowded neighbourhood in the city is a very big change. Looking out the dirty window and seeing all these power lines especially, but also the houses and vehicles and people going about their day all the time is very loud and unfamiliar. In this scene I managed to find a moment of peace between the natural aspect of the trees silhouetted against the brightly coloured sky and the invasive industrial aspects where they seemed to fit together cohesively rather than opposing each other. It really changed my perspective on something I thought to be “ugly” before to remind me that I was still at home in sunset country, and made me see the beauty in the mundane, man made scenery that I didn’t know was there before. Seeing the neighbourhood through the window frame was like I was already seeing the art; seeing the painting that it would become.”

Michel Dumont

Fyres of Pride. Which deals with the cancellation of pride during the pandemic but pride still burns within and then my Kyoto Bear deals with climate change and the melting ice cap. change begins at home.

Michel Dumont is a queer Ojibway French two spirited disabled artist, and survivor of inter-generational trauma stemming Indian Day School. He currently resides in Thunder Bay. He enjoys breathing new life into discarded vintage tile by making mosaic pieces. He also works in wearable art, using packing tape,mylar, cellophane and LED lights. He currently has been exploring installation art.

He’s shown at Queer Landscapes, Queer Intersections at the John B. Aird in Toronto, and the Queer and Peace Vernissage, Dawson College, Montreal, Art in Resilience, Paris, France, and Mirrored, Muu Art Gallery, Helsinki, Finland.

Website: www.saxberg.ca

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/TBaySDC 

Instagram: @tbaysdc
Pinterest: @TBaySDC

Robyn Saxberg

Robyn Saxberg is a Creative Visual Artist specializing in abstract acrylic painting on canvas and wood, and mural painting for residential and commercial applications. Her work ranges from intricately detailed and whimsical, to elegantly edgy, to mysterious and mournful with much of her inspiration deriving from her family and the natural landscape of Northern Ontario where she lives. Her eye for balance and sophistication brings her delicately crafted work to life in her wall art and murals. Her talent for, and background in Interior Design informs her practice as an Artist; shaping the atmosphere and energy in uninspired spaces.As the first piece that made Robyn Saxberg feel like a professional Artist, Untitled Large Acrylic is of great importance to her practice. It was left unnamed to allow openness of interpretation and to reflect the sense of possibility that grew from the creation of the piece. 

Gallery Canvas Prints Available @ 750.00 CAD
Pearl Finish, Photographic Prints Available @ 375.00 CAD


Steve Haining

Medium: Digital photography (underwater) fujifilm xt3 with aquatic housing and waterproof lighting/

The project cost about $6000 to pull off as well as 3 months of planning and practice , full story here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tv0qwEwuwcw


 Instagram @kingmartinu

website https://kingmartinj.wixsite.com/mrkingarts/about-me

Martin King

Martin King is an Ojibway multi-media artist from Thunder Bay, Ontario with family roots in Gull Bay First Nation and Lac des Mille Lacs First Nation, he also went to high school in Flemington, New Jersey. He returned to Thunder Bay in 2010 to study film. After graduating from the Broadcasting and Film program at Confederation College, Martin dove into the arts and media community in a variety of ways including: directing, acting, and animation. Martin has also had his art in multiple exhibits at the Definitely Superior Art Gallery and the Thunder Bay Art Gallery.

Dionysus the god of wine and fertility, according to some sources. What triggered me to make this painting was the psychedelic design of Dionysus from the video game series Persona. I put my own spin on that design by turning Dionysus into a jock. Then the fun idea of Instagram models partying with the god of wine himself Dionysus emerged in my mind. Then I painted it. 

Instagram: @maddy.rapley

Maddy Rapley

Maddy Rapley is a Thunder Bay local currently entering her second year at Lakehead University. She is studying physics, but spends most of her time creating art inspired by her surroundings. She also enjoys reading, spending time with her cat, and exploring nature. 

This piece is based on a photograph I took while waiting in my car in the rain. I was going to pick up a book from the Mary J.L. Black library when I noticed how beautifully the rain-streaked windshield warped my view from the parking lot. It brings a sense of comfort seeing one of my favourite local spots through the lens of a typical Thunder Bay summer storm. 

Karen Boissonneault-Gauthier

Karen Boissonneault-Gauthier is an Indigenous visual artist, writer and photographer. Most recently she’s been a cover artist for Arachne Press, Pretty Owl Poetry, Wild Musette, Existere Journal, Vine Leaves Literary Journal, Gigantic Sequins, Ottawa Arts Journal and more. When she’s not walking her Siberian Husky, she’s also designing with Art of Where and using some of her artwork on non-medical face masks, hoping to be a better global citizen. 
See www.kcbgphoto.com to find out more.

Artist Statement: In my visual art photography, I overlap digital images to create something unusual and unexpected. ‘Window to My Heart’ and ‘Monumental’ are many images layered into one final piece. Together these photographs create an entirely different vibe about local love. I wanted to conceptualise what we love and how we display that love, locally and internally.

Marv Saxberg

At Isabella School when I was a little kid my classmates would say “you sure can draw.” Guess that’s when I became interested in art. At FWCI  cartooning and year book covers became my first art accomplishments.As it turned out grade 12 art classes became my only art training.
Thus over years I only considered myself an art hobbiest and produced many oil and acrylic paintings for family and friends. I also got into water colours and did many ,especially in Mazatlan,Mexico ,that were auctioned off for charity fetching good prices.
Art to me has always been an enjoyable past time. I also enjoyed my life as a radio and tv broadcaster for ten years here in Thunder Bay and abroad. I was even happier to teach art in high school in Brandon and to continue as a broadcasting instructor for 25 years in Winnipeg.

Thanks for including me and selecting my painting “Harbour Walk.” I am honoured.
Marv Saxberg

Hardy Sébastien

When words are elusive and emotions overwhelming, I strive to materialize them, making them visible on a tangible medium by using colors and gestures directed by impulsiveness. It is cathartic; I “unload” my feelings.
Then, I contemplate on this Outsider Art which has no set of standards or principles other than spontaneity.  My work is never thought in advance nor planned. 
Finally, I refine it. I aim to tame the result that flows out of me in a rough and sometimes violent manner. I must find equilibrium again. After emptying myself from an emotional overflow, I fill myself once again. I master my gestures, and I seek peacefulness.
I am not always  able to name or to talk about my paintings.  My artistic approach is very intimate, and therefore, very hard to intellectualize or to be construed. I am simply attempting to share my overflow of anger, love and my greatest fears.