Foustene Fortenbach

Film: Cajas
Screening Time:
Friday 7 pm (LGBTQ+)
Genre: Drama
Location: California, USA
Bio: Foustene Fortenbach is an up-and-coming film director currently enrolled at the University of Southern California for a MFA in Directing. During her undergrad career at Emerson College, where she received her BFA in Film Production, Foustene discovered her interest in the human condition. She began investing her time in projects which focus on giving a voice to prevalent stories which are usually untold. To Foustene, film has no boundaries; it is an opportunity to broaden people’s perspectives. Foustene was born in San Francisco, but raised in San Carlos, California—a small city in the mix of what has now become Silicon Valley. She is fluent in both French and English and enjoys hamburgers and hiking.

Foustene Fortenbach
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