Artuno M. Merelo

Screening Time: Saturday 9 pm (Horror/Thriller)
Film: On The Border
Genre: Drama
Location: Mexico
Bio: Born in Spain in 1982 to a family of travelers, he has called France, Canada, United States, Italy, England, Guatemala and Mexico home. He studied Communication (cinema branch) in Spain, and since then expresses himself through photo frames as well as poetry, storytelling, juggling, and magic. To finance his film making and gain diverse life experience, he’s worked as a street magician, video game tester, radio announcer and cherry picker—among other plants. Consequently his three award-winning short films have been all made in different countries and languages: THE IDIOT – Shot in England in 2010 and awarded several international prizes; EN LA FRONTERA – Shot in Chiapas, Mexico in 2018 and awarded and selected in more that 40 festivals; and QUARUME – Experimental short shot in Sicily, Italy, in 2018, awarded and selected in more that 25 festivals internationally. In addition, he’s done several “small pieces” and other experimental and low-cost short-films.

Artuno M. Merelo
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