The Recess (12min) 

Director: Navid Nikkhah Azad (نوید نیکخواه آزاد)

Logline: Inspired by true events, “The Recess” explores gender oppression in Iranian society.

Full Description: 17-year-old Sahar is determined to watch her favorite soccer team play for the league championship. Barred from attending sports events as a woman, Sahar disguises herself as a boy with the help of her friends. Things take a tragic turn when Sahar’s disguise is uncovered.

Short bio of the director: Navid Nikkhah Azad (نوید نیکخواه آزاد) is an Iranian acclaimed film director known for “The Recess”. His short films were selected and screened in more than 300 international film festivals including a number of FIAPF-accredited, OSCAR, BAFTA, and Goya Awards qualifying film festivals around the world. He’s earned 17 awards and 40 nominations in international film festivals.

Q&A via Zoom

=The Bridge is about two strangers who meet on a bridge in an unprecedented situation. The events go completely different from their expectations. 


Director’s Bio: Rodrigue Hammal was born in Beirut, Lebanon. After finishing his film studies with honors at the Lebanese Academy of Fine Arts, he dove straight into the directing pool with diverse projects in web, TV, documentary, corporate films and narrative. With more than 15 years of experience under his belt, he was able to access different markets and audiences across the Middle East, the GCC, North Africa, Europe and Latin America.
As of 2019, Rodrigue is based in Toronto, Canada.

The Bridge (25min) 

Director: Rodrigue Hammal

Eureka (15min)

Director: Miidu Chu

ILDA is written and made based on historical facts. It is portrayed from the perspective of a young girl on a local, cultural issue and her problems. This story intends  to challenge a kind of special tradition in a region in Iran. The method of making this film  is minimal  and  tries  not to deviate from the main topic.In this film we see the desperation of a girl who is on the horn of a dilemma. There are two ways for her, the first way is passing and ignoring traditionalism,here she considers her own desires and wishes and the other way is accepting  traditionalism( unwillingly), she knows that ignorance of this tradition causes the death of her father and destruction of  her family.

 Ilda (10min) 

Director: Jafar Mahyari

– Zoom Q&A – Indelible (9min)  

Director: Shane Rock Nelson

The spirits of a cranky 97-year-old man are lifted when he plays the piano for memory care patients. His music eases their angst and elicits indelible memories, momentarily freeing them from the trap of dementia.

Shane Rock Nelson is an award losing filmmaker who makes movies all day, every day at his video production company

Mr. Nelson has made over 50 music videos (Foo Fighters, Allen Stone, Motion City Soundtrack) and dozens of action sports films, most notably: “Like A Lion” The True Story of Legendary Skier Tanner Hall for Red Bull Media. His work has aired on countless networks from ESPN to NBC & MTV and his movies are available on Netflix and have sold in big box stores and specialty boutiques all over the world.

 A night like any other turns into a series of twisted events when Danny realizes his life is secretly broadcasted on a streaming platform.

Bio: Alex Forgues is a French Canadian filmmaker from Ottawa, Ontario. Interested in writing and directing, Alex graduated from the documentary microprogram at L’Inis, Montreal in 2019 after making his short doc: Graffiti corporel (Body Graffiti). He also studied at Canadore College in the Digital Cinematography program where he directed multiple student films such as Dirty Laundry (2019) and Kids (2020). In 2020, Alex also directed his first independent work, A Family Recipe, a short documentary about the local pizzeria from his hometown. He completed his first french canadian short, La diffusion! (The Broadcast!), in 2022.

Website/Social media: +

 – La Diffusion! (10min) 

Director: Alex Forgues

– Only (6min)

Director: Abel Brown

Only follows Lucy Porter (Stephanie Meredith), a British civilian carrying for her ailing father in the countryside during the Blitz of World War Two. When her father, Edward Porter (Dennis Dubinski) discovers an RAF pilot unconscious in the river, she faces a choice, either send for help and risk her father due to conscription or let the pilot die. In the end, someone must serve.


Director BIO: 

Born and bred in Thunder Bay, Abel Brown grew up with an ever expanding love of story and art. As years and the several academic phases passed, this love culminated in a diploma from Conflix (Thunder Bay’s local film course via the college) and several short films, the current film Only being but the most recent.

Two new friends find that their friendship means more to each other than they realize. One is supported through loneliness while the other is supported through deep grief.


Director Biography – Victoria Anderson-Gardner, Kyle Schmalenberg

 Braided Together (15min) 

Director: Victoria Anderson Gardner, Kyle Schmalenberg


Toxic Neighbour
Directed by Colin Scheyen

A sheep farmer laments on his complex relationship with his neighbour, the world’s largest nuclear complex.

Wherever You Are, Wherever I Am
Directed by Kay Chan

The film follows two Metis-Chinese people as they ceremoniously work together on hide-tanning; while their surroundings change between industrial and natural landscapes.

Supper Club
Directed by Matthew Koshmrl

Co-owners Paul David Marturano and Rob Russo of the Iron Range Supper Club Valentini’s Supper Club reflect on their contrasting immigrant heritage from Italy and Vietnam, and the roles that their mothers have played in their culinary careers.

Directed by Stephanie Nakashima

In-Tents” breaks down the barrier and personalizes the homeless experience hoping to share real-life perspectives to de-stigmatize our neighbors in tents.

The Hairdresser
Directed by Lorrine Price

“Kathleen is a hairdresser. Always has been, always will be. Even at 84, she’s still doing hair. Just not in the way you would expect. Kathleen’s work is special”

Night Terrors
Directed by Curtis Jensen

A horror musical that follows a priest as he tries to exorcise a malevolent demon from the young mother that it has possessed.

The Terrible
Directed by Jack Güler

At the end of the 19th century wrestling was not only the most popular sports but also one of the biggest events in show business. Legendary wrestlers like Hackenschmidt, Sabes, Sandow, Gotch fought for the title of ‘the strongest man in the world’. But there was a mysterious one whose name still instills fear. This is the story of a man who is the embodiment of power and always considered as a myth. A wrestler who hit the opponents to the ground just in 4 seconds. A champion who has never been defeated in his life… This is the unbelievable true story of Youssouf Ishmaelo who became The Terrible Turk!


Directed by Joel Penner

A visual exploration of decay begs questions about our relationships with other species.

Directed by Samuel Scott

A researcher of the occult begins to question everything about her work.

Ancestral Land
Directed by

A young traveler thrives on the forest that surrounds him until, by chance, he spots an evil ax that makes him greedy.

The Secret Life of Astrid North
Directed by Ray Jaccobs

In her heart Astrid knows…Home is calling and a war needs to be won.

Monologue Harmonic
Directed by: Yuma Dean Hester

The future is a bright/bleak poem. Seemingly paradoxical visual and sonic offering speaking in part from legend, despotic visions, collective cultural analysis and individual repeal. Featuring two distinct and intrinsically connected worlds we witness a spiritual journey so thinly tethered to life familiar, being lured by dark matters towards total disconnect. This journey mirrors a reality not unlike Indigenous current experience with respect to constant colonial resistance; where coming to terms with lost cultural distinction is fast becoming the new culture of today/tomorrow.

Modo Island 
Directed by Haeryun Kang

Human bodies are trapped on an erotic sculpture park on a Korean island, perpetually longing for flight.

Contact Traces
Directed by Kevin Obsatz

An intimate, wordless portrait of a couple riding out the pandemic in a small cabin in the woods.

Bayou Cirque
Directed by Wesley Shrum

Inspired by poet Emily Dickinson, Bayou Cirque is an ethnography of practice where performers seek the original spirit of the circus: to do what others cannot do.

Directed by Sam 3

The beauty of the Apulia region traveled far and wide and reinterpreted through an unprecedented sequence of images: this is the video artwork “Pèlagos”, a Greek term for the open sea, referring to the crossroads of cultures that gave birth to the Apulian historical-archaeological heritage.

Love in the Time of Fentanyl
Directed by Colin Askey

A group of misfits, artists, and drug users operates a renegade safe injection site in Vancouver’s Downtown Eastside. Love in the Time of Fentanyl is an intimate portrait of a community fighting to save lives and keep hope alive in a neighborhood ravaged by the overdose crisis.

“MAUR” (original) “ANT” (translated to English)
Directed by Mateo Røssevold Christensen

An animalistic man discovers something precious, but to obtain it he must face his greatest and smallest foe.

NDNs on the Airwaves
Directed by Janet Marie Rogers

The story of a struggling Rez radio station and the cast of characters who scheme and reach towards all the wrong solutions to keep the station’s signal buzzing.

Hot Dog Guy
Directed by Sara Bulloch

A woman in a club has an anxiety attack and is comforted by a man with a hot dog cart outside.

Directed by Simone Kitchen

When Robin’s cat is killed by wolves, he is forced to grapple with the loss under the watchful eye of his roommate.

Directed by James Brylowski 

The government has implemented mandatory corner inspections for all public buildings. Rory, a dedicated and passionate Corner Inspector, must decide if he will stay true to himself and his values, or keep his job.

Directed by Toygar Kabaş

Street Musicians Selection and Placement Examination is held by the municipality to determine the places where street musicians play. Where and when each musician will be found which songs he will play will be determined according to the results of the exam.
The little girl who saves money to buy a red violin wants to take this exam, but she can’t wake up. While other musicians comfort the sad girl at the exam venue, the exam results are announced, but the musicians and the little girl realize the nonsense exam they are in.

Turning Forty
Directed by Justin & Kristin Schaack

To conquer her fear of turning forty, Jennifer embraces the help of a professional Aging Guide

The Marshmallow Mystery Tour
Directed by Jeff & Matthew Beals,

After landing a gig at a marshmallow theme park, a cameraman uncovers the shocking truth about America’s candyland and his own sugarcoated childhood.