Lindsay Heathley

Film: Kings and Queens
Screening Time:
Friday 7pm (LGBTQ2+)
Genre: Drama
Location: California, United States
Bio: Lindsay Heatley is a filmmaker whose work is centered around sharing stories of underrepresented communities. Her first film El Norte, studied the impact of immigration between Mexico and the United States. El Norte premiered at the Grrl Haus Cinema Festival in Berlin. El Norte led her to her next short film, Dreamers, centered around the DACA initiative. Dreamers screened at the Nasty Women Unite Festival in New York City. After exploring her heritage as a Mexican American woman Lindsay decided to explore her own LGBTQ community in New York. Kings and Queens was a project close to her heart. Through the hard work of her crew, cast, and some phenomenal drag queens, Kings and Queens was born!

Lindsay Heathley
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