Jocelyn Forgues

Film: Noël en boîte / Christmas in a Box
Screening Time: Saturday 6:30 pm (French)
Genre: Drama
Location: Ontario

Film: Au bout du compte/ After All
Screening Time:
Saturday 6:30 pm (French)
Genre: Drama / Comedy
Location: Ontario

Bio: Jocelyn Forgues, director and independent dramatic artist, has as real passion to entertain his audience whatever the platform, the genre and the subject of the work. Since 2004, his award-winning works have been featured in numerous festivals across Canada from coast to coast to coast, internationally and on national television and the web. Trained at the American Academy of Dramatic Arts / Los Angeles, Jocelyn began his career as a bilingual actor (French and English). He soon was commissioned to write and direct plays and ended up crossing the axis behind the camera as a scriptwriter, director and producer. For Jocelyn, directing is above all a creative collaboration with the artists and the craftsmen who surround him. Recently, Jocelyn signed his first feature film, “Noël en boîte / Christmas in a Box”, as a screenwriter-director thanks to Telefilm Canada.

Jocelyn Forgues
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