Matthew Dressel

Film: Just Coffee
Screening Time: Saturday 4 pm (Comedy)
Genre: Comedy
Location: USA
Bio: Originally from West Michigan, Matthew Dressel recently moved to Duluth after spending six years out in Southern California working at a film advertising company. While there, he managed the machine room, worked as an assistant editor, and wrote copy for clients such as Walt Disney Studios, 20th Century Fox and Lionsgate. Over the years, Matthew has written and directed short films that have gone on to screen and win awards at festivals across the country. His last short film Return to Menu was featured in the textbook Viewpoints. His first feature length screenplay, a dark comedy titled Killing Daniel, is currently in development with Darius Films in Toronto, Canada. Matthew lives in Duluth with his wife and young daughter where he programs films at the local indie theater: Zinema 2.

Matthew Dressel
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