Web Aware – Internet Safety For Seniors

A friendly reminder of some Internet safety. 
Remember you are in control. Just say NO. Refuse to be pressured and stay web smart! 
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Vox Popular Media Arts 2020
Festival Highlights
Live Stream Concert Series

Danielle Pollari
Burial Etiquette
Jean-Paul De Roover & the Bandaid Solution
Visual Past

Director Interviews

Kirsten Kosloski – Five Bucks at the Door: The Story of Crocks N Rolls
Trivelle Simpson – Disintegrate
Matthew J Koshmrl – Land of My Father
Lokchi Lam – Unmanageable
Ron Harpelle – Toxic Time Bomb
Everett Sokol – Whiteface

People’s Choice 2020

Five Bucks at the Door: The story of Crocks N Rolls – Kirsten Kosloski
Disintegrate – Trivelle Simpson
Throat Singing in Kangirsuk – Evan Kaulai, Manon Chamberland
Brave Little Army – Michelle D’Alessandro Hatt
The Manhattan Project – Matthew Campanile
Squeegee – Khalid Ali
Bible Camp Memories – Damien Ferland
Toxic Time Bomb – Ron Harpelle
Living in the Story – Lynn Estomin
All it Gives – Talia Woodland

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